Re: Dashboard Type Indicators for MT4

BeatlemaniaSA wrote: Sun Apr 14, 2024 2:53 pm Thanks, Banzai for updating the code :) I was wondering now if you would not mind tweaking it a bit so that...

1) We can set the dashboard in a particular corner of the chart and

2) the ability to also set it in a sub-window if possible

Keep up the great work and truly love the modifications you bring to the indicators you share on FS :) :thumbup:

sw = subwindow
main chart window = window #0
first subwindow = window #1
second subwindow = window #2, and so on...

Computer counts first as zero.
For the corner, there's a menu and we can choose:
Upper Left
Upper Right
Lower Left
Lower Right

Re: Dashboard Type Indicators for MT4

basicinkstinct wrote: Thu May 30, 2024 6:37 am hi sir would it be possible to modify this indicator in this way......when you click on a button pair the dashboard would open the chart with the template of your choice?
i don t have the mq4 file but maybe somebody does or have a similar dashboard based on 2 ma cross?
thank you very much in advance ....peace
If that is the same one as here that is exactly what it does, need to click on the button of the pair and timeframe you choose. Can install the template before or after clicking it doesn't matter.

Re: Dashboard Type Indicators for MT4

Hi all
Does any one have, or know of, a MTF Moving average angle of direction Dashboard. The Dashboard will show you the moving average angle of direction on all the time frames and all the pairs in your market watch . Pointing up a certain degree for bullish. Pointing down a certain degree for bearish. Or pointing sideways for no trend. Dashboard will be actively changing live as the market progresses. Not at the close of bar.
Would really appreciate it very much for help on this. Thank you all.

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